Wine tasting and gastronomic dinner

For 8 guests minimum and 12 guests maximum

Price: 159 € per person

  • Franck Thomas : 90 € per person
  • Emmanuel Sofonéa : 69 € per person

What will you get for this price ?

Franck Thomas : demonstration and wine tasting (4 / 5 hours)

Followed by a gastronomic dinner, prepared by Emmanuel Sofonéa with franck thomas as assistant

"This is a unique chance for customers to discover Franck Thomas during this wine tasting, followed by a gastronomic dinner in accordance with the tasted wines. (If customers require other special wines for dinner we can provide it at reasonable price)"


  • Lobster salad with mango, lime, avocado and fresh herbs.
  • Cod fish filet with red pepper coulis and fresh green vegetable.
  • Cheese plate and mesclum salad.
  • Mille-feuilles with berries and vanilla chantilly.

Who is Franck Thomas?

Franck Thomas, meilleur sommelier d'Europe

Semi finalist Best Wine Waiter of the World
Best Wine Waiter of Europe (Trophée Ruinart)
Best Wine Waiter of France
Best Wine Labor Waiter of France
Meilleur Sommelier de Provence 2000
Best Young Wine Waiter of France (Trophée Ruinart)