Terms and booking conditions

Confirmation of booking implies the customer its membership (support) without reserve, on the present general conditions of sale.

Valuable guarantee

Menu Price is confirmed for the current year, they may be possibility of change (specially for the fish dure the fishing condition price can go up) but I will motified the client and propose a new price proposition.


I CAN COME WITH SERVICE STAFF FOR 42 € per hour or you can find your staff service at your own charge. I W'ONT BE RESPONSIBLE, its will be your responsability to pay the charge and tax.

Guarantee of place settings

The exact number of guest must be confirmed 5 days before the date of the party. It will be this number of place settings that will establish the minimal base of invoicing. Mr Sofonèa Emmanuel reserves the right to cancel the booking if events of force majeure, or coincidences, or independent from his will forced him.

Conditions of payment

For booking confirmation a deposit from 150 € to 1000 € can be ask by bank transfer or paypal. The not payment of the deposit the booking won't be confirmed For big event another 50 % deposit will be ask 1 month before and the balance the day of the party, if balance paid by bank transfer the money as to arrived 24 hours in advance. The deposit represents a faculty of penalty. The buyer is therefore free to abandon its purchase by abandoning the sum paid. As for the trader who does not benefit, it must pay twice what he received (Except for heath reason or weather condition).

When the chef is booked for a period of time like 7 days, if the client after the booking cancels some days, the client has to pay a cancellation fee of 300 € per day.

Modalities of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, The balance will have to be to payed in the day time of the service performance at the end for some meal in certain condition (customer foreigner) the balance will have to be paid by bank transfer at least 24 hours before.