• Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Tartare de thon
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Gambas poele betterave en aigre doux, salade de légumes verts vinaigrette de sésame.
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Carré d'agneau rôti au romarin et tian de légumes
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Macaron pistache, fraise et sorbet
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    St-Jacques poelées sur tartare de mangue et tomate
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Gambas, légumes croquants au curry, vinaigrette fruit de la passion
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Tarte citron et croute de spéculos
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Mini poivrons farcis tomate cerise et mozzarella
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Mousse citron vert en cage de chocolat
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Salade de fruits mojito, sabayon
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Mousse chocolat noir et gingembre confit
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Magret de canard à l'orange, carottes anciennes caramélisées.
  • Plat réalisé par le chef à domicile Emmanuel Sofonéa
    Pointes d'asperges vertes, magret séché et copeaux de parmesan

The menus

Among the 4 menus that I propose to you, you can choose 1 starter, 1 main course and 1 dessert (the same for all the guests). This unique menu will be concocted on site by the chef.

(40 € over 20 People)

  • Roasted eggplant and roasted tomatoes with mozzarella and basil.
  • Roquette salad and grilled salmon with citrus vinaigrette.
  • Verrines with crab meat and avocado.
  • Provencal vegetable tart with green salad.
  • Shrimp salad with vegetable and soja marinade.
  • Olive bread tartine,with olive and tomatoes tapenade, parma ham.
  • Goat cheese wrap in bacon, and roasted red pepper, fresh pistou.
  • Parmesan crust tart, with bayaldi of vegetables and fresh pistou.

  • Roasted guinea fowl with vanilla sauce, sweet potato cakes.
  • Fricassee of chicken with lemon and rosemary, roasted potatoes.
  • Pan fried salmon, basel pistou sauce and eggplant caviar.
  • Filet mignon of pork with tapenade and steam potatoes
  • Veal stew with olives and creamy polenta.
  • Filet of Sea bream with zucchini purée and chive sauce.
  • Salmon medallion grilled with,sauté zucchini and Basel.
  • Lamb stew with orange zest and vegetables.

  • Caramelized banana, vanilla ice cream.
  • Mini brownies, vanilla ice cream, red fruit coulis
  • Panacotta in glass with red fruit.
  • Carrot cakes, custard.
  • Red fruit crumble.
  • Fruit salad with minth infusion
  • Apple tart tatin.

(45 € over 20 People)

  • Risotto with lobster and cream. (+5 €)
  • Cold Gambas with crunchy vegetables thai salad..
  • Gambas roasted with passion fruit vinaigrette, julienne of vegetables
  • Salmon tartar with mango and curry
  • Zucchini chutney with cumin and fried shrimp.
  • Fresh asparagus vinaigrette and parmesan cheese. (Season).
  • Poached back of cod fish, cherry tomatos salad with a pistou mayonnaise.
  • Fried gambas, with thai mango and papaya exotique salad.

  • Roasted rack of Lamb with mustard, with roasted vegetable in oven... (+9 €)
  • Fillet of sea bass with vegetables bayaldi (typical from Provence).
  • Salmon marined with herbs,lemon butter and mashed potatoes..
  • Original lamb tagine and dried fruit, and semoule with coriander.
  • Tuna steak, with provencale vegètables and basel.
  • Sea Bream with a sauce vierge, fennel, spring onions, tomato and mint.
  • Pave of cod fish, red pepper puree, and green vegetable.
  • Sea bass marinated with olives, tomato and herb salsa, steam potatoes.
  • Mignon of pork roasted with caramelized shallot.
  • Lamb stew, with orange and vagetables.

  • Warm Pecan nuts tart with vanilla Ice cream.
  • Lemon cake with raspberry puree.
  • Exotic fruits plate and sauce.
  • Coco nut tart and red fruits coulis.
  • White chocolate mousse, mango coulis.
  • Chocolate tart with berries salad.
  • Mini Cheese cake with white chocolate.
  • Tart tatin and Madagascar vanilla ice cream.
  • Crunchy fruit tart, with lemon yougurt chantilly and coulis.
  • Exotic fruit tart with soft biscuit base.

(57 € over 20 People)

  • Tuna tartar with mango and coriander.
  • Foie gras terrine with fig marmalade.
  • Lobster salad with passion fruit vinaigrette and fresh herbs. (+8 €)
  • Spaghetti with lobster carbonara. (maximum 12 person)
  • Tuna Carpaccio with passion fruit vinaigrette.
  • Scallop risotto and parmesan cheese. (maximum 12 person)
  • Scallop Carpaccio with avocado, and passion fruit vinaigrette.
  • Pan fried Scallop, with tomatoes comfit with olives, Basel, garlic.
  • Fish marmite with garlic croutons.
  • Gambas fried and exotic salad.
  • Big gambas fried, with mango and tomatoes tartar.
  • Home made smoked salmon, mesclun salad,and lime mayonaise.
  • Scallop with thai bouillon,and vegetables.

  • Fried Scallop served with mashed potatoes and fresh pesto.
  • Rack of lamb with rosemary, and mini ratatouille. (+9 €)
  • Beef filet with red wine sauce, mashed potatoes. OR potatoes gratin with truffles (+8 €)
  • Veal filet mignon, honey sauce and fresh vegetable. (+9 €)
  • Roasted gambas, and fresh pasta with soya sauce.
  • Fried Monkfish with fresh vegetable, lemon butter. (+7 €)
  • Monk fish with bacon, cherry tomatoes and fresh pistou. (+7 €)
  • Sea Bass roast with grilled vegetable, cherry tomatoes.
  • Lobster navarin creamy sauce and vegetable. (+10 €)
  • Tuna or sword fish grilled with eggplant caviar.
  • Tuna steak with lime, and fresh coriander, tomatoes olive oil marinade.

  • Chocolate tart with lemon custard.
  • Mango Tatin with cinnamon, chocolate ice cream.
  • Champaign sabayon with berries and meringue.
  • Chocolate fondant with caramelised ginger. (maximum 12 person)
  • Spring rolls of pineapple with spices, vanilla ice cream.
  • Pistachio macaroon or chocolate macaroon with fruit and sorbet.
  • Crunchy tart with lemon cream,raspeberry.
  • Shortbread with mascarpone and lime,stawberries, lemon sorbet.
  • Chocolate cup, berries salad and vanilla ice cream.
  • Opéra cake. (french traditional dessert).
  • Key lime in a chocolate cage, berries and coulis.
  • Gazpacho (cold soup, made from local tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onion, fresh herbs) (vegan)
  • Cold mint and fresh pea soup. (vegan)
  • Fresh roasted tomatoes and basil soup. (vegan)
  • Beaf tomato and mozzarella with Pistou sauce
  • Courgette ribbon salad, with mint and maple syrup dressing. (vegan)
  • Mixed Asian salad, with asian dressing and orange (Coriander carrots, peppers, spring onion, salad, cucumber, mango, tomatoes) (vegan)
  • Puy lentil, red onion and sundried tomato salad with feta. with no feta (vegan with no feta)
  • Asparagus with french vinaigrette and fresh salad mesclun. (vegan)
  • Chickpea tahini, andetables stick. (vegan)
  • 3 coloured tomatoes carpaccio, with fresh basil. (vegan)

  • Mediterranean quiche (a favourite of clients, made with eggs, cream, aubergine, courgettes, peppers, and little cheese)
  • Eggplant parmigiana (grilled aubergines, baked with home made tomato sauce, and parmesan, breadcrumbs.
  • Risotto with mascarpone, and pesto (vegan)
  • Stuffed red peppers, (with coloured cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and olive oil) can be with or without goat cheese. (vegan)
  • Bayaldi of provencaletables on home made parmesan biscuit, and Pistou. (vegan with no biscuit)
  • Fresh pasta, with home mede tomato sauce and chopped localetables. (vegan)
  • Courgette flan, Italian tomatoes sauce style.
  • Fresh pasta with coriander and peanut pesto. (vegan)
  • Courgette and quinoa stuffed peppers. (vegan)
  • Quinoa feta and roastedetables salad
  • Grilled aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, and mozzarella (hot).

  • Mini brownie, vanilla ice cream, and berries.
  • Red fruit crumble.
  • Red fruit tiramisu.
  • Almond milk panna cotta with berries. (vegan)
  • Fruit salad with mint infusion and lemon sorbet. (vegan)
  • Caramelized pineapple with lemon sorbet. (vegan)
  • Cold coconut milk rice with griottes (sherry). (vegan)


8 people Minimum

Puff pastry for aperitif
8 € for 5 pieces, 1,70 € for any extra piece.
Cheese plate
7 € per person.
Or Brillat savarin with truffle
8 € per person.
1,50 € per person.
Expresso Nespresso
1,50 € per person.
Plates for rent
3 € per person. (3 plates)
Anniversary cake on demand
6 € per person.


For all diner or lunch with less than 8 people a extra per person will be added on top of your menu choice:

  • From 1 to 2 people a forfait of 320 € with the 45 € menu choice
  • From 3 to 4 people a supplement of 40 € per person will be added on top of your menu choice
  • 5 people: an additional 80 € on the total
  • 6 people: an additional 60 € on the total
  • 7 people: an additional 40 € on the total

Wine is not included in the menu.

For all meals, travel expenses of at least €20 will be required.
Examples: Cannes, Antibes, Biot: €20 / St-Tropez: €100 / Callas: €50 / Vence, Nice: €30 / Monaco: €80.